Low Level Laser Therapy
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Low level laser therapy has been successfully used to treat many human conditions such as acute and chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and soft tissue strains and sprains. Our experience with similar canine conditions has been very successful.   We are very excited about all that this new technology has to offer.



Unlike the high power lasers used for surgery, low energy lasers enhance the cellular energy of the underlying tissue. Laser therapy stimulates biochemical reactions and improves communication between cells.



Studies show that the laser increases cellular energy, improves circulation, and enhances cellular metabolism. This means faster healing, less inflammation, pain reduction,   and increased tissue resistance to injury -- in short, a better canine athlete.

Benefits of LLLT:


  • Accelerates fibroblast development in damaged tissue as well as stimulating bone and cartilage regeneration.
  • Reduces swelling and accelerates healing times of soft tissue injuries.
  • Increases microcirculation of lymphatics and small blood vessels in injured tissue.
  •   Accelerates the regeneration of damaged nerves.


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